I saw a survey many years ago that suggested only one in five parents felt competent to teach their children about personal finance. A recent article in Military Money, quoting a survey by Schwab, said only one in four parents are training their children “by giving them a lot of experience budgeting, spending and saving it.”

It is time for each of us to teach one person one financial lesson. The lesson could be about needs and wants. It could be about creating through a budget. It could be about the value of starting to save early. It could be about the cost of buying on credit.

Few of us have developed all the right financial habits. Most of us regret some purchase we made; or perhaps a purchase we did not make. Maybe we bought on credit planning for the money to be in hand before the bill came. Maybe we took a risk that did not pan out or took a pass on a risk that did pay off for a few brave souls. But few of us have no knowledge.

What can you pass along to young people in your family or at your work? What have you done well to make your financial situation just a little bit brighter?

It is Financial Literacy Month. Will you teach one financial lesson to help make the world a better, more prosperous, more generous place?

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