A simple letter of instruction, written in tandem with your will, may be the most important letter you will ever write. Not only will it provide your immediate family with information they may need, it also ensures that your affairs will be handled as you wish.

The letter may include:

  • The type of funeral you prefer and any prearrangements you made with the funeral home and/or minister
  • The contact information for each of your insurance policies including Medicare
  • A financial statement listing your accounts and any outstanding loans
  • The location of important papers and the key to your lock box or combination to any locked containers
  • Persons to contact such as relatives, friends and advisers
  • An obituary listing your name as you wish it written, including nicknames, place and date of birth, immediate relatives and any noteworthy accomplishments
  • When you complete your letter of instruction, inform someone close to you where you are keeping it. Except for an occasional update, forget about it and enjoy life, knowing all is in order.

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