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Joshua St Laurent, CFP®

Founder & CEO

Wealth In Yourself

3079 Harrison Ave, Suite 5
South Lake Tahoe, CA 96150
(916) 426-2343 CONNECT WITH Joshua
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Joshua St Laurent is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional and member of the Financial Planning Association. Serving clients at Wealth In Yourself in South Lake Tahoe, CA and the surrounding communities.

Financial Advisor Overview

Our Mission: “To change lives by helping people realize their full potential” Our Vision: “To radically shift how financial planning is done today by bringing the focus to internal as well as external opportunities and charging in a way that makes more sense for clients instead of big business” Our top two priorities when we work with you are to ensure the concepts are easy to understand and that you have actionable steps to move you toward your life goals. Financial planning is the easy part, the value lies in Life Planning and getting clear on your life’s goals and aspirations. Any Life Planner will tell you that throughout our work together there is a chance that we will need to leverage another professional with a complimentary skill set. This could mean a tax expert, estate planning attorney, or financial therapist. Since simplicity was important we decided to partner with Altruist, Money Quotient, and Elements to create a streamlined experience At Wealth in Yourself, we have this crazy idea that when you give people the education and tools they need to be successful they will thrive. We want to partner with marginalized communities, the underserved, overlooked, just starting out, and the incredibly successful to build a network of like-minded people that use their dollars to make this world a better place.


Financial Advisor Experience

Wealth In Yourself was born when Josh realized after 9 years in corporate financial services that his generation was drastically underserved, and clients’ best interests weren’t always being put first. High fees, generic advice, and commissions for “advisors” drove Josh away from the industry he had fallen in love with nearly a decade before. He felt compelled to create something that would help people from all walks of life achieve financial success that could trickle down to all other aspects of their lives. Through the CFP® curriculum and graduate work in Advanced Financial Life Planning, one thing became clear – some of the biggest opportunities we all share were not overly complicated, but instead were simple proven principles that could be put in place and automated at no cost. This “aha” moment was the spark that started Wealth in Yourself. While we do focus on your finances, your values are at the core of the planning process. Would you knowingly invest in a company that goes against your values? Probably not, but most of us do without even realizing it. We believe that by being intentional through every step of your finances, you will become more successful and happier and leave the world a better place than you found it. Josh has worked with clients all over the country and there have been two things that we consistently hear from clients, “We like that we can trust you, and you make things easy to understand.” There is no better compliment that we could receive, and we strive daily to incorporate these values into each interaction.

Financial Advisor Certifications

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  • Life insurance
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Financial Advisor's Specialties

Budget & Debt Management, Comprehensive Financial Planning, Attending College, 401(k)/403(b)/IRAs, Buying a Home, Banking, Charitable & Planned Giving, Annuities, Asset Allocation, Career Change, Business Taxes, Corporate Finance, Investment Management, Employee Benefits, Limited Partnerships, Mutual Funds, Getting Married, Irregular Income, Insurance, Real Estate, Job Loss, Startup, Retirement, Stocks & Bonds, Life Planning, Long-term Care, Starting a Family, Tangible Assets, Sudden Wealth, Men's Finances, Nontraditional Households, Personal Taxes


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