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Kathleen Hentges is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional and member of the Financial Planning Association. Serving clients at Applied Advisor in San Francisco, CA and the surrounding communities.

Financial Advisor Overview

My job is to empower my clients to make better financial decisions.

You may not have given much thought to your philosophy about money, yet chances are you have deeply held beliefs that while not constituting a formal philosophy they guide your money behavior.

The following are the beliefs that lie at the heart of my approach to financial planning, see if they ring true to you. A critical factor when working with a financial professional is finding someone whose belief system aligns with your own.

Financial planning is a process of implementation and review, not a single event or printed report. Creating the initial plan is just the first step in a life long process.

The time to think about tax consequences is before taking action, not after the fact. Tax reduction requires tax planning not "hidden deductions" or complex tax shelters.

Long-term results are my primary focus. Excessive concentration on the short-term will be counterproductive to achieving your goals.

Money is a tool, nothing less, nothing more. As a tool money allows you to express your values in the way you spend and manage it.

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Financial Advisor Experience

Kathy founded Applied Advisor in 2003 and remains the firm's sole practitioner. Kathy received her BS from Ohio University and she earned the Certified Financial Planner™ designation in 2007.

Financial Advisor Certifications

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Designations & Certifications

  • Other - C.T.E.C. Registered Tax Preparer

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Financial Advisor's Specialties

Comprehensive Financial Planning, 401(k)/403(b)/IRAs, Mutual Funds, Retirement, Sudden Wealth, Nontraditional Households, Personal Taxes


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