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Dave K. Hutchison, CFP®

Registered Investment Advisor

Hutchison Investment Advisors, Inc.

1720 E Calle Santa Cruz
Phoenix, AZ 85022
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Dave Hutchison is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional and member of the Financial Planning Association. Serving clients at Hutchison Investment Advisors, Inc. in Phoenix, AZ and the surrounding communities.

Financial Advisor Overview

Coming from a CPA firm background rather than sales my goal is to educate the client to the extent desired on why we recommend specific financial planning and investment strategies being honest about pros and cons since we believe in an informed client comfortable that we understand the issues, the investment alternatives, etc.

For example we don't do blind asset allocations based on ignoring current economic and market conditions. As an example we warn about U.S. bonds when we are near 40 year lows in interest rates and have a huge deficit, desperately need more funding of the government and are currently mostly dependent on China and Mid East oil rich countries to fund our trade deficit and huge national debt. As interest rates eventually rise the value of bonds goes down unless held to maturity and with locked in low interest rates.

We evaluate side-by-side investment managers based on their performance relative to the risk taken - Beta and Alpha in modern portfolio terms. We have various "benchmark" recommendations with long-term out performance for risk taken in different sectors. I personally invest in the same investments I recommend to a client.

We do not charge asset management fees - by far the most expensive way to get investment advice in our view which we can easily explain to clients.


Financial Advisor Experience

Coming from a CPA firm background not sales I have specialized in independent financial planning and investment advice for more than 25 years and have been a CFP for more than 20 years, independent from any specific product sponsor.

I founded a small independent broker-dealer, Hutchison Financial Corporation and supervised almost 100 reps in six states, but since moving to Phoenix about 20 years ago, wanted to get back more to working directly with folks helping them with their financial futures especially with extensively researched investment choices to reduce downside risk as much as possible but also provide the best long-term growth opportunities consistent with their financial objectives.

Coming from CPA firm background (including former "Big 8" CPA firmTouche Ross) and later my own tax practice in Minneapolis, I decide about 25 years ago that I more enjoyed helping folks plan for their financial future than just recording the past via income tax preparation.

I very much enjoy the business and am excited about many current investment opportunities.

Financial Advisor Certifications

Securities Registrations or Exam Qualifications

7, 24, 63, 65

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  • Life insurance
  • Health/disability insurance

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Cetera Financial Group

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Financial Advisor's Specialties

Comprehensive Financial Planning, 401(k)/403(b)/IRAs, Annuities, Asset Allocation, Estate Planning, Investment Management, Limited Partnerships, Mutual Funds, Real Estate, Insurance, Life Planning, Retirement, Stocks & Bonds, Tangible Assets, Long-term Care, Sudden Wealth, Men's Finances, Nontraditional Households, Special Needs, Personal Taxes, Women's Finances


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